Silk quilt center

I first encountered Pauline Ineson at the NEC festival of quilts in Birmingham in 2010. What a lovely lady and so willing to share her talent. My friend and I were too eager to buy Paulines book “How to create an Heirloom quilt” we did this as soon as we came home, after that we spent the winter months buying silk, a little each month, plus the other supplies to make the quilt.
I cannot praise this book too highly, her instructions are very detailed, I had wanted to upgrade my sewing machine but now realise I just need to learn how to use the one I have more effectively.
Anyhoo this is the centre block for my quilt, it still needs a bead for the center but oh the fun i had creating it!


I have not been keeping this blog up for a few reasons, mainly because I thought my patchwork was not up to scratch and also because my photography is not much better!
Then I realised that a – I would not get any better without practice and b – who is going to read this anyway! if there is anyone reading this, please be gentle!
So this quilt, it was adapted from a pattern from the fabulous Moda Bake Shop it was called Geese in the park and was from the lovely Freckled Whimsy 
I was extremely fortunate to get some free, yes read that again FREE liberty fabric from my Project Linus co-ordinator. When i went to see her to drop off my first batch of quilts she took me into her dining room and showed me a HUGE table groaning with fabric samples. A fabric salesperson who was retiring had donated all her samples to her. I came away with a huge armful much of which was Liberty, Kaffe Fassett (sorry folks had too much wine to put links in, google them!) and Moda. I am still working my way though this and this is the first off the production line.

It took a while to get the layout right and i am still not sure it is there completely yet, but as it is sewn together there is not much i can do but i do like it. The border was a last minute thought. I am trying to use up all my fabric, way more difficult than it sounds. I thought this added a bit of drama to the quilt. As if those fiddly little 3 1/4 inch squares were not enough …
I dont think i will ever totally love paper piecing, way to much fuss but an occasional one like this is ok.


I bought this pattern nearly two years ago. I am not a huge fan of paper piecing so what on earth possessed me to buy a pattern which has 48 3.5 inch square blocks is beyond me! but i quite like it now, i think i may really like it. I started it in a vain attempt to start using up some of my scraps.
I have been playing around with the layout, in the original pattern (Lesley Brankin) the quilt graduates from dark to light, I don’t know if that works with the very scrappy choice of fabrics I have made or if I should try to be more random. I am a librarian though, I don’t really do random!

Hunters star

Bejewelled blocks

 hmmm ok, just getting the hang of putting in pictures etc. I obviously need to work on my David Bailey skills! but hey not bad for a beginner. These are some of the blocks I made in a class a few weeks ago. There is nothing nicer than sitting in a group of women all making something, we each made the same quilt but everyones was so different. Mine was quite wild in comparison with some of the others, I deliberately chose Kaffe Fassett fabric as the background, I wanted to see how it looked with the bright jewel tones of the scrap fabrics. My partner laughs as he thinks this is way too loud but I love it. I will probably have to give it away but thats fine, as long as it finds a good home.
And here is a pic of the finished product, it did get given away think it was to a good home, not sure though, but hey such is life!

Loud and proud!