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It took a while to get the layout right and i am still not sure it is there completely yet, but as it is sewn together there is not much i can do but i do like it. The border was a last minute thought. I am trying to use up all my fabric, way more difficult than it sounds. I thought this added a bit of drama to the quilt. As if those fiddly little 3 1/4 inch squares were not enough …
I dont think i will ever totally love paper piecing, way to much fuss but an occasional one like this is ok.



I bought this pattern nearly two years ago. I am not a huge fan of paper piecing so what on earth possessed me to buy a pattern which has 48 3.5 inch square blocks is beyond me! but i quite like it now, i think i may really like it. I started it in a vain attempt to start using up some of my scraps.
I have been playing around with the layout, in the original pattern (Lesley Brankin) the quilt graduates from dark to light, I don’t know if that works with the very scrappy choice of fabrics I have made or if I should try to be more random. I am a librarian though, I don’t really do random!

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